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Overlay Management

Keeping up with all the activity required in day-to-day management of accounts takes you away from time spent with your clients. Let FDx Advisors take on that burden so you can keep on building those relationships that are the lifeblood of your business. Our Overlay Management program is designed to integrate with your current business operations in a way that is customized to your specific needs. With us in your corner, you no longer need to create a support staff or hire portfolio managers and traders – we already do all that for you.

Investment Research

The FDx Advisors investment research group delivers the due diligence and institutional-quality research you need to support effective program offerings. We perform on-going, comprehensive manager research processes supporting strategies and investment vehicles for separately managed accounts (SMA), unified managed accounts (UMA), mutual fund wraps (MFW) and exchange traded funds (ETF). FDx Advisors identifies the source of a manager’s skill and then monitors the people, processes, performance and controls that influence the continued success of that strategy. We communicate our findings with timely, thorough and objective recommendations. Our analysis and detailed findings support both single money manager and multi-manager portfolio construction processes. It includes qualitative factors such as philosophy, people, process, research and organization. It also includes quantitative factors such as skill metrics, risk metrics, portfolio characteristics, process validation and performance.

FDx Advisors research can be used in conjunction with your existing research or as a complete replacement. Members of our team can be contacted to supplement any existing research team you already have in place. You can choose to access FDx Advisors research via an online investment research portal, or it can be seamlessly integrated with any module in the FolioDynamix wealth management technology platform. Either way, your advisors can have instant access to institutional quality investment research.

Investment Services

VisX and Gateway are FDx Advisors’ innovative asset allocation programs, which build multi-asset portfolios of Model SMA, Mutual Fund and/or ETF vehicles for accounts of varying size and risk tolerance. These programs merge FDx Advisors’ institutional-quality manager research and investment consulting services into straightforward turnkey investment solutions. This unique approach is an enhanced version of Modern Portfolio Theory that combines traditional long-term strategic views across global markets and may add a tactical component to adapt to short-term market changes driven by volatility – global diversification and flexibility in a single strategy.

Our Gateway products offer a cost-effective way to help clients begin saving towards their retirement goals through a fee-based advice model that leverages no-transaction-fee (NTF) funds along with pre-determined asset allocation models to keep costs down. With a minimum investment as low as $5,000, the Gateway solutions offer a way for advisors to help investors who might otherwise turn to robo-advisors, which do not offer the benefit of in-person support.

Consulting Services

FDx Advisors offers comprehensive consulting services to assist your firm in achieving its goals. Consulting services provide objective and thorough recommendations leveraging one of the most comprehensive research processes in the industry. We can provide additional experience, best practice industry knowledge and the necessary skills to help you deliver successful investment solutions.

Services available include both firm-level and advisor-level consulting. Firm-level services focus on enhancing the business within the overall goals and investment philosophy of the firm. Advisor-level services take into account the goals and philosophies of the firm, with a specific focus on helping you successfully meet the unique needs of specific client accounts.

Model Delivery

Gain access to third-party managers and investment models through our unique model exchange hub. This technology facilitates distribution of strategies to multiple sponsor programs. Third-party managers upload investment models for direct exchange. Leverage FDx Advisors manager contracts and negotiated rates. The service also features manager fee remittance and manager billing, as well as providing manager’s with reporting.

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