December 15, 2015 8:44 pm

FolioDynamix 2015 recap: wealth management year in review

One thing is certain with the wealth management industry – it is never dull. This held true in 2015 as advisory firms were faced with global uncertainty, the rise in robo-advisor technology and increasing pressure from clients to communicate more effectively and deliver value.

am proud to report that FolioDynamix stepped up to the challenge. Here are just a few highlights from 2015:

  • Giving wealth management firms the tools they need to compete in the robo era. Traditional advisory firms felt the heat this year as robo-advisors emerged and cut fees dramatically. This forced traditional firms to take a hard look at improving operational efficiency and becoming more nimble on the technology side. FolioDynamix helped them address these challenges by launching a new investor portal, releasing new enhancements to the core FolioDynamix platform and introducing automated account opening in conjunction with Docupace. In addition, the FolioDynamix wealth management technology platform continues to deliver a single unified solution for the full wealth management lifecycle across all account types – eliminating system silos, automating processes and providing a big productivity boost to advisors.
  • Introducing portfolio allocation strategies that empower banks and RIA firms of all sizes to compete more effectively. While FDx Advisors VisX made its debut in 2014, this was the year it really gained momentum. Firms using VisX are able to gain high-quality research, manager due diligence and an array of advisory products without having to grow their own investment teams. We expect this trend toward investment outsourcing to continue as firms look to focus more on client-facing value add and less on back office research and program management.
  • Expanding our ecosystem of technology partnerships. While FolioDynamix delivers a single unified platform for the core wealth management lifecycle, we recognize that our clients also rely on other technologies to successfully run their businesses. In keeping with our vision of delivering a truly unified platform, FolioDynamix formed partnerships with several leading technology firms, including Docupace,INFOVISA, Interactive Data, Morningstar and Riskalyze.
  • Growing our client base and helping them achieve greater efficiencies and grow assets under management. This year, we were pleased to welcome many new technology and advisory clients to the FolioDynamix family. In addition, relationships we established last year began to realize value from their investment in FolioDynamix, as many firms cited growth in AUM – Vanare being the most recent example.

We know that our clients rely on us to deliver enterprise-scale wealth management technology to serve as the backbone of their advisory business. It is this technology, complemented by institutional-quality research and advisory programs from our RIA affiliate FDx Advisors, which delivers the operational efficiency, data insight and advisory tools wealth management firms need to compete effectively and grow. We are as committed as ever to innovating our wealth management platform and further empowering advisory firm growth as we go into next year.

I’d personally like to thank our clients, partners, employees and shareholders – it is you that enabled FolioDynamix to realize its goals this year and continue to build on our market leadership. Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to working with you in 2016!