May 13, 2016 2:08 pm

FolioDynamix Launches Knowledge Center

To complement the release of FolioDynamix 8.0, featuring dramatic improvements to our user interface and navigation, we have launched the FolioDynamix Knowledge Center, a library of resources designed to empower advisors and bring more information and efficiency to your business.

The FolioDynamix Knowledge Center provides users with an overview of changes and improvements to the platform, which include a new user interface, search tools and data display capabilities. We offer course agendas with training tips to support our “train the trainer” training process, as well as use cases that offer best practices for performing different functions within the platform.

KC-home-953x1030All of the material stored in the Knowledge Center is presented in searchable, easy to understand, and concise documents and video tutorials. This site allows us to maintain all of our training and support materials in real time. We can upload new versions of the release notes and user guides as soon as they’re updated, so you’ll always have access to the most current versions of materials.

The Center is organized into three distinct pages: Home, Learn and FAQ.

The Home page provides an overview of the new features of FolioDynamix 8.0, and houses downloadable copies of our Release Notes, Migration Guide, and Training Course Agenda.

Since everyone learns differently, the Learn page is organized according to three unique approaches:

  • Learn by Function: Introduces learning materials in the same functional order in which they appear in the platform’s navigational menu. Sections contain a brief advisor-friendly summary, hover-over Folio lingo explanations, how-to videos, training agendas, and user guides.
  • Learn by Scenario: Features the most popular platform use cases that span over multiple functions—including setting up new accounts, taking cash distributions, performing quarterly rebalances, and more. Use case scenario guides and videos written specifically for these activities serve as high-level approaches to how things get done in a workflow. Users can supplement the information learned in this section with the tactical click-by-click instructions and videos found in other areas of the Knowledge Center.
  • Learn by Method: A single view of all the materials, grouped by type, so users can navigate directly to the section of the Knowledge Center that addresses their issue or question.

Finally, the FAQ page is more than just a list of frequently asked questions. There are diagrams that outline specific if/then scenarios that feature the actual icons used in the platform, so you’ll be able to learn how to move through the platform quickly and easily.

Come on over to the Knowledge Center and check out all of our new resources! We’re sure you’ll find what you need to help you harness the full power of the platform.

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