April 1, 2015 1:35 pm

FolioDynamix Releases Version 7.3 of its Unified Wealth Management Technology Platform

Award-winning platform helps advisory firms lower costs, improve operational efficiency and win new clients

NEW YORK, NY – April 1, 2015 – FolioDynamix, a leading provider of web-based wealth management technology and advisory services for managing the full portfolio management lifecycle, today announced the release of Version 7.3 of its award-winning wealth management platform. FolioDynamix offers a truly-unified enterprise wealth management technology platform that supports the entire fee-based advisory lifecycle – propose, research, model, trade, report and govern – across all account types. The Version 7.3 release includes a series of new enhancements to deliver more granular performance reporting, empower advisors with more flexible trading and rebalancing tools, and enable advisors to more effectively manage unified managed household (UMH) accounts.

Updates to the FolioDynamix wealth management platform include:

  •  A holistic unified managed household (UMH) view across all accounts that enables advisors to view and manage the aggregate holdings of a household, analyze the impact of portfolio changes, including possible tax consequences, and make informed trading decisions to best align the entire household portfolio to target objectives
  • Enhanced reporting and analysis that gives advisors deeper insight into asset class performance with support for nested reporting hierarchies, benchmark comparisons and realized and unrealized gain/loss breakdowns
  • Updates to FolioDynamix’ next-generation trading and rebalancingengine to provide advisors with greater flexibility on asset swaps, manual trades and sleeve-specific trading strategies; plus, improved sleeve management tools and the addition of GICs sectors to support additional levels of analysis necessary for fundamental portfolio managers

“Thanks to our continued focus on innovation, FolioDynamix has become the go-to wealth management platform for firms seeking to capitalize on the next wave of industry growth and improve the efficiency and profitability of their wealth management business,” said Joseph Mrak, chairman and CEO of FolioDynamix. “FolioDynamix delivers best-in-class wealth management capabilities in a single unified, secure cloud-based technology platform that is completely configurable to the unique needs of each business. Greater efficiency, more innovative program offerings, stronger client relationships and faster acquisition of new clients are just a few of the benefits our clients have gained from the FolioDynamix wealth management platform. We expect Version 7.3 will deliver even greater value in the areas of efficiency, advisor productivity and overall portfolio reporting.”

FolioDynamix has been recognized repeatedly for its innovation in the wealth management industry, including being named the 2014 Advisory Technology Innovator of the Year and the 2013 Advisory Solutions Provider of the Year by the Money Management Institute (MMI).