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What We Do

Leverage our Support and Operations team to help manage your day-to-day hassles so you can spend more time working with clients and cultivating new business. Customize and streamline your user experience by collaborating with our Professional Services team for support at every step of the process. From the initial account setup to end-investor billing and everything in between, we work hard to ensure our products and services work seamlessly and optimally for you.

Why Choose Us

Account Services

All clients receive account setup support, which in many cases can include setting an account program, status, rep code, or model assignment. Accounts are loaded to the platform based on pre-defined interface specifications and data availability. Our service team supports platform setup and maintenance items for account details such as model changes, program changes and account status.


Our platform accounting engine works in conjunction with custodial books and records to ensure data integrity between the two platforms. We also perform reconciliation on accounts, especially when handling UMA account structure. Enhanced reconciliation support provided by our service team includes view access to the custodial platform to accurately review and remediate exceptions.


Our Billing operations team manages all end-investor billing calculations for you. This includes reporting within defined parameters for standard fee billing configuration on our platform.

General Support

Our Client Service team will assist you with feature and functionality questions available within our account management, model management, trade tools, rebalance engine and order management utilities. Customize the appropriate access, features and experience for each member of your team with our robust user management and entitlement structure.

Client Management

Receive regular communication regarding our upcoming platform improvements and enhancements as part of our release management strategy. Access to our integrated Knowledge Center provides additional resources and guides for platform utilization and awareness.

Platform Delivery

We take a consultative approach to engaging our clients because of the highly configurable nature of our offering. The process begins with a sales engineering methodology for assessing your firm’s needs, providing technical expertise, analyzing enhancement requests and designing custom solutions to align our product and service strategy with your goals. Our Platform Delivery Team then works closely with new clients to ensure the onboarding process happens as efficiently and effectively as possible. The discovery phase defines the overall project planning, technology integrations, and product and service requirements so we can configure the platform to be optimized for you.

Training Services

We provide in-depth training to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage our platform as efficiently and effectively as possible. Learn the nuances of different functionalities and best practices as an instructor from our training team works with you directly for personalized training sessions tailored to your individual needs. Our integrated Knowledge Center can also be accessed any time to answer questions in the moment while providing a thorough resource for your team to learn at its own pace and on its own schedule.

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