Seamless Technology

Turnkey Opens Doors. 
It Doesn’t Lock You In.

FolioDynamix collaborates with our clients on solutions. We start with fundamental core capabilities.

Trading. Rebalancing. Reporting. Risk Management.

Then, we listen. And we collaborate. To help you succeed.

Collaboration makes us more innovative. It ensures our solutions are meeting client needs.
The result?

  • Modular solutions that you can plug in to an existing roadmap, or an end-to-end workflow solution
  • A single chassis to manage various product types and distribution channels – our multi-custodial, multi-faceted solution doesn’t lock you in.
  • Focus on what differentiates your firm – and let FolioDynamix do the “heavy lifting” in the background.

Our success is our clients’ success.


Be more efficient and effective, while exceeding client expectations.

Leverage our solutions across the client lifecycle.

Proposal Generation and Account Opening
Our investment proposal generation tool allows advisors to analyze and establish a client’s risk tolerance, based on current holdings, and construct an optimal portfolio leveraging our institutional quality research and product catalog. The Proposal Tool is seamlessly integrated with our account opening workflow, to make turning a prospect into a client efficient and easy.  And because we believe that Investment Policy Statements aren’t a one-and-done event, we include lifecycle management options to help you keep your information relevant and timely.

Key Features:

  • Client profiling
  • IPS and portfolio construction workflow
  • Asset allocation comparisons
  • Integrated with FDx Advisors Products and Research
  • Institutional-grade analytics
  • Online custodial new account opening
Trading and Account Management
Our institutional-strength tools allow you to trade, rebalance, and manage client accounts with efficient dashboards that incorporate alerts for key tasks. Manage every aspect of a client account, all from a single screen.

Key Features:

  • Automated account monitoring
  • Scalable rebalancing with over 10 different algorithms, including Cash and Asset Class rebalances
  • Straight-through trade order management for equities, ETFs, mutual funds, and options including support for Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop and GTC/D orders
  • Multi-custodial connectivity
  • Multifactor risk model tax optimization
  • Market data and pricing feeds
  • Compliance reporting and workflows
  • Automated trading across entire book with real-time execution and allocation
  • Additional trading tools to support model changes, swaps, fund family exchanges, trading worksheets and uploads
Reporting and Performance
Effective client collaboration relies on clear, comprehensive reporting. Our performance and client reports help advisors better communicate trends and insights.

Key Features:

  • Full UI and exportable reporting suite including Performance, Holdings, Balances, Realized and Unrealized G/L, Activity and Drift
  • Multi-level reporting by household, account, investment sleeve, asset class and sector
  • Institutional quality performance calculations including reconciliation and certification of returns
  • Configurable investor portal
  • Client presentation reports with customizable branding
  • Composite reporting
  • Account and Household Drift reports to support ongoing monitoring
Leverage our support and operations teams to help manage and automate day-to-day activities, maximizing the time you have to work with clients and cultivate new business.

Key Features:

  • Account administration, including new account setup
  • Flexible billing calculation and payment processing
  • Help desk and product support